Why We C. A. R. E.?

At Wesley Chapel, we want to show Compassion, Acceptance and Respect to Everyone.   We strive to serve the community as a center of CARE that continually seeks solutions to every problem.  The following outreach activities are offered to help those in our community throughout the year. 

We Pop Up - Outreach Saturday

December 2022

October 2022

August 2022

July 2022

June and July 2022


We Care: Helping Our Community

Friends Helping – Friends – Helping Our Community
This is an old picture of a partnership that Wesley Chapel UMC - Decatur began years ago.  The beauty of this partnership is that through the years we have maintained it!  When two families in our community were burned out of their home, and the staff at Bob Mathis Elementary School found out about it; they reached out to Wesley Chapel-Decatur inquiring about what we could do?  On this past Sunday, at our parking lot worship service, Wesley Chapel presented the families with Kroger and Walmart gift cards totaling $1,000.00.

For some other churches, this might not seem like much, but for the recipients, the representative from Bob Mathis Elementary School, and our congregation; it was everything!  It was a sign of life after what seems to have been a year of functioning in crisis mode.  It was an opportunity for us to say to the community and our partners, “we are still here for you.”  I was a marvelous feeling and a wonderful way to serve God and neighbor.  Of course, we are not the only organization or group that is assisting these families; they are receiving other help.  But Thank God we were able to do this!

Rev. Dr. Travia Speer
Wesley Chapel UMC-Decatur

We Care - Back To School Prayer Rally

On August 1, 2019 we held our first Back to School/Prayer Rally in partnership with H.O.P.E. Ministries Inc.    God gets all the glory, as 232 persons were in attendance, more than 150 bags of school supplies were distributed, 155 - complete meals were given out, along with more of 150 – toiletry bags.  At the end of the event, the community was grateful, and Wesley Chapel and H.O.P.E. had grown more in Christian love for one another.  It was a great event, in spite of the heat!  God did it!  Praise the Lord!

We Serve

We serve in the community to provide dinner for

women and children living in shelters. 

We also provide healthy, nutritional lunches for women and children living in shelters. 

We Volunteer

We volunteer in the community

by going to a warehouse to pack food.

By doing this, it helps to feed those who are hungry.