WOW Moments and Inspiration!

New Horizons
During the pandemic, my daughter, Samara, recently passed the North Carolina real estate exam.  I see in her another example of people using the past year during the pandemic to broaden their horizons.

Angela Pearson

Graduating is one of the most significant and exciting milestones in a student's life.   We rejoice with our Class of 2021 Graduating Seniors.  

Congratulations to our 2021 Graduates

Maya Bush

Tuskegee University
BS in Biology

Kaleb Monsanto

Arabia Mountain High School
With Honors
Georgia Southern University (Fall)

Kelly Mitchell

Southwest DeKalb High School
With Honors
Hampton University - Journalism (Fall)



Corporate Prayer For The Week

Merciful God, we often think that real power resides in wealth or influence or strength of command.  Yet, in your Holy Word, you remind us that those who wield real power are those who serve others.
Give us the strength to humble ourselves and be lead by the Holy Spirit.
Unite us as a people who want to be true disciples who love one another, as Christ has first loved us.


"Why Getting Vaccinated is Important for Us"

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"Worship Without Walls"

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